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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Michael Moore (Leni Riefenstahl Award Winner)

"[Condolezza Rice's confirmation vote] was a disgusting sight and indicative of who the Democrats are -- they are lazy and they're cowards and I'm just hoping that the more they continue to act like that the more it will encourage Americans to run against them and put the U.S. back in the hands of the working class, where it belongs."

**A couple of points:
1. He's right, the Dems are lazy and cowards........He forgot a few, too: They are pompous, self-serving, stupid and perverse.

2. Is he trying to immitate Lenin, or what? The bit about the "working class" is classic Communist revolutionary propaganda. --> And I'm quite sure he means it about as much as Lenin did, which is not at all.**


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