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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bob Sommer (National Public Radio, Goebells Award Recipient)

"You would think that the sight of a yellow-ribbon magnet on the back of a car, proclaiming 'Support Our Troops,' would give me a lift, but it doesn't. It just seems so easy to express patriotism by slapping a magnet with a slogan on your car, so glib, so...self-righteous. 'Support Our Troops.' ...There's a hint of a dare in it that reminds me of a similar sentence: 'Bring it on.' It's vaguely...Ann Coulterish. ... They may be well-meaning and sincere people, but I'm convinced that they're just driving along, thinking support-our-troops thoughts like 'Thank God I live in a red state,' or 'Maybe it's time to price a Hummer.' That's what I assume they're thinking, anyway."

**I hope you all enjoy paying for this SOB to be on the radio.

NATIONAL PUBLIC LEFTWING PROPAGANDA MUST GO --> There is no shortage of information services on the airwaves, and this should be a program dropped in Bush's budget cuts........PBS as well

And oh by the way, I PROUDLY PUT MY RIBBON MAGNET ON MY CAR!! --> If it were a rainbow-ribbon (Normo Disease), this puke would be saying it is a good thing.....But not one to acknowledge our brave soldiers**


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