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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Filipe Perez Roque (Cuban Foreign Minister)

"Cuba recognizes that there are violations of human rights in our country, but they are at the Guantanamo Naval Base, in territory occupied against Cuba's will."

**This is why there have been so many Cuban refugees flocking to the U.S. for the past 50 years.........Because of the U.S.'s human rights violations??? --> Castro and his band of idiots have truly mastered the Hegelian practice of blowing smoke up people's arses.

I hope you all know Cuba is on the United Nations Human Rights Committee, so we can count on hearing all of their BS coming from "official" UN declarations. --> In fact this week they called for the removal of the U.S. from this committe.

Reason #3,469 to get out of the UN.**


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