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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Have you been wondering where Hillary's been on the "Schiavo Issue?"......Well she isn't stupid, and knows her mouth will be her undoing in the 2008 Election. --> Below are her comments to the Senate Finance Committee in 1993
"I think there should be a discussion in this country about what is appropriate care ... with more thought and more concern about both the human and the economic cost."

**This is America, not France! We should never put the "economic cost" ahead of the "human cost"**
"If we do this health care reform right [we can] create the kind of security we're talking about so that people will know that they're not being denied treatment for any reason other than it is not appropriate, it will not enhance or save the quality of life."

**Again, this is America! Who are we to say care is "appropriate" or inappropriate for those who may or may not have a high "quality of life"? --> In the U.S. every life has worth!! We are not the USSR, Nazi Germany, or China.**
"The hospital administrator of a very large hospital came to me as a part of a group visiting, as a delegation brought in by the member of Congress, and he said that he had recently asked one of his cardiac surgeons why the cardiac surgeon had admitted a 92-year-old man for a quadruple bypass”…"And the cardiac surgeon had said, 'Well, because he was referred to me by the cardiologist who refers me all of my cases, and I didn't want to say no because he might send his cases to another cardiac surgeon, and the hospital administrator said, 'Well, do you think it was medically appropriate for you to accept this surgery?' And he said, 'No, it wasn't appropriate or necessary, but that's the way the system works.'"


Granny may vote (D), as an FDR Democrat, but she sure as Hell doesn't want them in charge of her healthcare.

Can you say EUGENICS?!?!?!**


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