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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-M'ass', The Duke of Chappaquiddick)

"The Senate Democrats are the only line of defense against George Bush's effort to pack our federal courts with reactionary right-wing judges who will roll back the fundamental constitutional rights that Americans in states across the country value the most in our free society."

**Of course "The Killa" is afraid of hard-line judges.....You would be, too, if you were a murderer.

But I think he has read the American people incorrectly......The 2004 Election was as much about reclaiming our national decency as it was about the War on Terror. --> Reestablishing a sense of moderation and normalcy is one way to get to this goal. -->>> AND FAT TEDDY KNOWS IT!!

Those of you who haven't been to the "Kennedy Memorial", please follow this link.........It's a very heart-wrenching dedication


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