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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bill Maher (Hollywood Idiot)

"But I think -- but I think, to the Republicans, it doesn't matter if they're unpopular, because they're like a playoff team. They don't care how they do during the season, because the playoffs are the election-time. And at election time, they can always push the buttons – the fear buttons. They can always rally their Jesus freaks, and then they will win the election."

**I hope all you Jesus freaks -ANY CHRISTIANS- are paying a lot of attention to the BS coming out of this moron's mouth........He is simply a Democrat mouthpiece and you can all take out your disgust on him at the ballot-box.

I don't know how any Christian can be a Democrat, and also don't understand how a Jew can either..........But many of you continue to vote for the "PARTY of NO":

NO Decency.....NO Standards.....NO AMERICA!!**


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