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Monday, May 23, 2005

Foresake the Troops.com

"This website is proudly dedicated to the notion that our nation's military is grossly overcompensated, at the expense of the American taxpayers. Even as the evil, overspending Pentagon seeks to raise benefits for these scumbags, Forsake The Troops believes that these pukes get pay and benefits tax-free when in a combat zone [and should not]. ... Our problem is this: the military is a lifestyle these morons chose. What idiot risks their life for a country? It's what they chose. Forsake our Troops! They must think that if they go to war, they don't need to pay taxes just like the rest of us. Let 'em die in combat -- we don't need their ilk!"

- Homepage for this pathetic, Democrat Party supporting group: Forsake the Troops

**Our brave American soldiers are:

"Overpaid" - "Scumbags" - "Pukes" - "Morons" - "Idiots"


And you wonder why I hate these fucking people?!?!? Don't think for a minute there aren't many in this group, or like them.

"War is the continuation of Politics by other means" - Clauswitz

”Politics is the continuation of War by other means” - Pero


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