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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nancy Keenan (President of NARAL Pro-Choice America)

"The same Senate that yesterday celebrated a compromise by 'moderate members from both parties' to avert the nuclear option has given a lifetime job to a serial judicial activist from Texas. Priscilla Owen's radical practice of putting her personal beliefs ahead of the law and individual rights now gets a greater pool of potential victims."

**How can this Anti-Life Activist even speak of a "greater pool of potential victims"?

45,000,000 abortions in a 30 year period is an absolutely Hiterlian amount of executions, yet she has the nerve to complain this death pool will be shrunk?

And lets be real, no judge is going to end the practice of abortion as birth control...........It will be ended by the American people who will eventually realize they have supported a Prenatal Holocaust, and will demand their representatives change the law -> And if it requires a Constitutional Amendment so be it.**


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