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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sen. Teddy Kennedy

"The United Nations is the one and only organization through which the nation of the worlds can link their unique strengths in a realistic hope of building a peaceful future for all humanity. We need a representative at the United Nations who supports that vision and is committed to that future for us all. John Bolton is not the person for that job, and I urge my colleagues to vote against him."

**1. I hate to break it to the utopian, fat-ass, senior senator from Massachusetts but the U.S. is the "one and only organization " that can bring about any sort of "peaceful future for all humanity" --> Not the U.N., which is a degenerative cause of pain for much of humanity.

2. The U.N. needs a good cage rattling, and John Bolton is exactly what is needed to slap around the Circle Jerk Group.

3. Teddy needs to quit getting liquored up and killing people........Maybe this should be #1.**


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