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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thomas Friedman (NY Times Propagandist)

"If you want to appreciate how corrosive Guantanamo has become for America's standing abroad, don't read the Arab press. Don't read the Pakistani press. Don't read the Afghan press. Hop over here to London or go online and just read the British press! See what our closest allies are saying about Gitmo. And when you get done with that, read the Australian press and the Canadian press and the German press."

**Who gives a damn what any of these "presses" have to say about Guantanamo? Especially when it is the American press who continues to make shit up and propagate their own mythology of Gitmo.

Sadly, all of these countries cried when Reagan attacked the land of the real Gulag (USSR), which shows their lack of moral authority, and should bother us not in the least if they are happy with our policies.**


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