Poison Pero is RIGHT!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Joan Malin (Planned Parenthood of New York City CEO)

"Justice O'Connor's departure is a nightmare for reproductive health care and women's rights."

**Oh, relax Joe! (gender deviation intended). No one's going to take away your right to exterminate fetuses.........Your fun isn't going to be taken away by the courts (even if the court is 100% Conservative).

But if you psychos don't get control of youselfs, abortion will eventually be ended by the will of the American people, after they waken from the 30 year funk of killing over 45,000,000 BABIES!!! --> It will happen eventually, be it sooner or later.

So enjoy your fun while you can, and who knows maybe you'll get to 100,000,000, but eventually the people will wake up from their slumber and put an end to this culture of death.**


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