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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Julianne Malveaux (USA Today Propagandameister)

"Terrorism in the United States is as old as we are. You want me to give you a litany of terrorism? You want me to start with what's happened to the Indian population? You want to go on to what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921?"

"George W. Bush is evil. He is a terrorist. He is evil. He is arrogant. And he is out of control."

- On the Sean Hannity Show.

The brilliance of such writers makes me want to go out and buy a subscription to the "multicolored"...........NOT!!!!

Reason #1,498 why the mainstream media is hurting in its veiwership/readership..........Their talent base is filled with Leftists and America-haters, and most Americans are sick of it.

Personally, I love it because it exposed the Left for what it really is (insane, crazies) and gives me tons of material for this blog.**


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