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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Palestinian Suicide Bomber

"For the holy war [jihad] there's no difference between men and women [martyrs]. According to the Koran, male martyrs are welcomed to Paradise by 72 beautiful virgins. ...[A] woman martyr will be the chief of the 72 virgins, the fairest of the fair."

- London's Telegraph quoting a 20-year-old would-be Palestinian suicide bomber, now residing in an Israeli prison

**1. What kind of religion sends their men out to seek to bang "72 virgins"?.....And to also have its women be one of the "72" who is raped by these scum?

2. I was on vacation when London was hit last week, and am terribly sad to see these poor people suffer.

3. This post isn't a normal Liberal Idiot Quote, but it reflects on their idiocy.

Much of the world hasn't opened its eyes to the reality of the Muslim Horde.

Israel isn't the main target. America isn't the main target. Europe isn't the main target............The main target is Western Civilization, and everyone who lives in it is in the cross-hairs of Islam.

I'm quite certain the Brits will get tough, but have many concerns about the morons in the rest of Europe. --> And the Liberal Peaceniks here in the U.S.

There are plenty of "virgins" in Allahville, and we better be prepared to kill those seeking such "virgins" befor they come to get us.**


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