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Friday, August 26, 2005

Bill Maher (HBO Commentator)

"I am more sympathetic on the abortion issue than I am on most rightwing socially conservative issues, because you know, you don't have to be religious to be against abortion... If you've ever seen a sonogram, you know, you could see something that's emerging as a human being in there. And we are sort of reaching in and killing it... I'm a board member of PETA. And this [caller] is exactly right, and I'm glad he raised the issue. It's despicable the way we treat animals in this country. And it's part and parcel to our general lack of compassion for things that don't affect us directly."

**You should notice this quote is in purple, instead of the normal Commie Red......It's because Bill's all over the place with this comments (per normal), but he's more or less correct (intentionally or unintentionally). --> Which I usually note in blue. -->> The red and blue blended to purple.

We've lost a lot of value for life, and decency in general.

Most of this loss has come as a result of out of control Liberalism (Me! Me! Me'ism!!).........And abortion has certainly been a fulcrum in the decline in the value of life. --> If we can kill the most innocent of human life, then what life is worth anything?**


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  • At 12:51 AM, Blogger Adam said…

    I think one of the reasons abortion is so controversial is that there's no way to take an objective viewpoint on the matter. like you [the blogger] said, if we "kill" the most innocent life.. and what bill said re: PETA and how the people that raise a fuss about clinics don't necessarily step up against the inhumane treatment of animals. so from the perspective of the species, to say liberalism dovetails with what you're calling "me-ism" would be hypocritical on the subject of life as a whole where humans [the 'me'] come before absolutely everything else on the planet.

    I also ask, who has the right to define when life begins? I believe life begins at a heartbeat, others at birth, other's at conception, who's to say any of those perspectives are correct or incorrect? More than just right or wrong, who else should have the power to say someone MUST birth a child if pregnant? To say that the government should not allow abortions is to say that the government should force everyone who is pregnant to birth a child. Likewise, that view is just as extremist as to say that the government should force everyone who is pregnant to have an abortion.

    I'm agnostic, 21, no children, never had to deal with the thought of abortion. Life presents few challenges beyond me fending for myself and it's not the same way for a lot of people. Many young women who become pregnant consider abortions and during that consideration, decide to keep their baby and become pro-life. That's totally alright. But what's not alright is for people to make that decision and then decide that their choice is the only correct choice. Part of being an American is having the freedom to choose many things about your life that the government cannot decide for you. Frankly, many nations do not offer the same privileges the United States does. I believe it's un-American to not allow its citizens the right to choose. It doesn't matter if abortion is legal or illegal, individuals will still make the decisions they want to make based on what's best for them and/or their unborn child.


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