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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sen. Robert "KKK" Byrd (D - WV, Ace of Diamonds)

"One's life is probably in no greater danger in the jungles of deepest Africa than in the jungles of America's large cities. In my judgment, much of the problem has been brought about by the mollycoddling of criminals by some of the liberal judges who have been placed on the nation's courts in recent years. The high court's share of the responsibility for our increasing lawlessness lies in two areas -- its zeal for bringing about precipitous social change, and its over-concern for the rights of criminals and its under-concern for the rights and safety of society. I urged President Nixon to appoint conservative jurists to the court. I said that such a return to a conservative philosophy would be 'the greatest single service President Nixon could perform for his country.' I said that the court had hurt the United States with its rulings on school prayer and in criminal cases, and had given aid and comfort to subversives by refusing to bar communists from schools and defense plants."

-- As written in Bobby's memoirs

**I hope you all notice this quote is in Blue, instead of the normal Red --> This is because some alien climbed into Sen. KKK's body, and did some major TRUTH TELLING in this memoir!!!!!!

Lets hope the little alien takes up permanent residence in "The Grand Wizard's" body.**


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