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Friday, August 19, 2005

Sen. "Slow" Joe Biden (D - Delaware)

"Mr. Bolton does not have the full confidence of the U.S. Senate. This recess appointment will hurt our nation's interests and hinder Mr. Bolton's effectiveness."

**A couple of points on this issue:

1. Joe knows Boldin had the votes in the Senate.......The Dems refused to let him out of committee, because they knew they couldn't win the vote.

Instead they used a procedural method to stop Boldin........And Bush did no more or less, by using a procedural method of getting him in.

2. Boldin also had the votes from the American public..........IN THE 2004 ELECTION.

Bush won handily, and the (R)'s gained seats in the Senate.........This is the ultimate approval, and "Slow" Joe knows it.**


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