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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sen. (Up)Chuck Schumer (D - NY)

"We simply want to determine if Judge Roberts is a mainstream thinker. ... This is not, and let me emphasize that, this is not a game of 'gotcha' and document requests and in general, information requests are not an end, a goal to prove something. They're a means to simply determining Justice Roberts' judicial views. That's all we want."

**Uh oh. Schumer's going to find out Roberts isn't a "mainstream thinker".

You know, mainstream as in:
- A defender of civil rights for terrorists.
- An America-hater.
- A believer in mandatory Ebonics education for children.
- Is against executing murderers and child molestors, but is all for executing as many fetuses as possible (especially in the 8th & 9th month).
- Has no problem with allowing as many illegal aliens as possible.
- Believes ground squirrels and pine trees have as much value as human beings.
- "Supports the troops," but hates the military.
- Accepts that sexual relations between a man & man, woman & woman, man & horse, woman & donkey, etc. are all legitimate and deserve protection, and also beleives all sex between a man & woman is rape.

- Thinks cloning human beings is a great way of practicing Eugenics, but those that are born imperfect should be put out of their misery.
- Hates the White Man.
- Supports lowering the age of sexual consent to 13.
- Doesn't eat meat, but smokes pot and cocaine.
- Loves Fidel Castro, but calls George Bush a Fascist.
- Etc., etc., etc.

Gotta love mainstream Liberal America...............Heaven help us if John Roberts is MAINSTREAM by their definition.**


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