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Monday, September 05, 2005

Eleanor Clift (Newsweek Propagandist)

"I think what we're coming to grips with is the fact that we actually have a mercenary Army."

**What is this bitch talking about?

I've served, and can tell you the pay sucks.......Even after benefits, and even for the highest ranking soldier. --> Especially considering what they could make in the civilian world.

There is no job in the country with as much stress and risk that comes close to meeting the crappy pay our soldiers recieve..........They 'VOLUNTEER' because they love their country, have a personal desire to be part of something great, and yes for jobs.

Hey Eleanor, ask the people of New Orleans if the Military is a bunch of "mercenary" whores..........If not for the brilliant troops serving in our nation's Armed Forces, these people would still be wallowing around and dying in the muck. --> Heaven knows the civilian leaders would have never gotten them out.

I go back to the top of this comment: BITCH!!!**


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