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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Geraldo Rivera (An Indehiscent, Hard-Shelled, One-Loculated, One-Seeded Fruit = A NUT! )

"I believe that, like homosexuals, child molesters are born not made. They are not cured. You don't cure someone from being gay. It's insulting to gay people to say that you can cure them. It is a criminal justice, law and order reality, harsh reality, that you cannot cure a child sex predator. They are born that way. They will always be sexually attracted to children."

**So is Gerald defending pedophiles, or what? It looks like that's exactly what he's doing.....Which puts him in line with many Liberals.

If Normos are acceptable because they are "born that way", then shouldn't pedophiles be as well? --> Maybe we can create a whole new class of Normos, that makes it legal for those "born that way" to do any damn thing they want, no matter how much the rest of society is disgusted by their actions.

Any of you who've ever been molested or have kids who have been, you need to get over yourself.........Because many Liberals (not just Geraldo) think PEDOPHILIA IS A NORMAL, NATURAL-BORN BEHAVIOR.

Or we can execute them for being the sick bastards they are..........I'm sure this makes me a radical though.**


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  • At 4:15 PM, Blogger Jonathan Steinke said…

    Research (actual research) SUCKS!!!! Merely popping off whatever's on your mind from the transmitting of second-hand information and not being too worried about it having any tangible bearing in truth is REALLY the way to go. I commend you for approaching your posts that way. I LOVE mouthpieces.

  • At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You really believe that most liberals think that "pedophilia is a normal, natural-born behavior?!"

    Keep talking. It's statements like yours that help the rest of the world recognize the true insanity of conservatives.

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