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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Howard Dean (DNC Chairman, 2 of Diamonds)

"They say we didn't win the election last time because of moral values. The opposite is true. If the election had been held on moral values last time, the Democrats would have won. Why is that? Because more people agree with our moral values."

-- Addressing the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Birmingham, Alabama

**Dean is living in a dream-world if he thinks Americans support the Democrat Party version of "moral values"

Pro-Gay Marriage, Anti-Religion, Pro-EnvironMENTALism, Anti-Drilling, Pro-Fetus Execution, Anti-White Male, Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel, Pro-Marijuana, Anti-Meat, Pro-Castro, Anti-Bush, Pro-Condom, Anti-Abstinence, Pro-Squirrel, Anti-Human, Pro-Terrorist & Pro-U.N., Anti-American.......Etc., etc., etc.**


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