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Friday, September 23, 2005

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D"u" - Mass, The Duke of Chapaquiddick Bay, King of Diamonds)

"The powerful winds and flood waters of Katrina tore away the mask that has hidden from public view the many Americans who are left out and left behind. As one nation under God, we cannot continue to ignore the injustice, the inequality and the gross disparities that exist in our society."

**We really should give Fat Teddy a little leeway with this issue, because if anyone knows about the "power of water" it would be him.........Ooops.

In fact, he has a double with this statement, because if anyone knows about the "gross disparities in our society" it would be a silver-spooned Kennedy millionaire.....Ooooops.

And now that I think about it, Teddy hit a triple here, because everyone knows what a God-loving, man of Christian principles he is.........Oooooooops!!

Hey Duke, quite being a fat-ass, God-hating, rich prick who kills people!!**


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