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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sen. "Up"Chuck Schumer (D - NY)

"I think it would be a great idea for President Bush to ask Justice O'Connor to stay on as chief justice for, say, a year. She is respected by all sides. At a time when the nation needs unity and stability more than ever, she would bring it, and it would be a breathtaking choice. And then we could proceed with the nomination of Judge Roberts for associate judge [sic]. But having Justice O'Connor stay as chief justice—the first woman chief justice, someone respected by just about everybody—would be a huge, huge step to unity in this country, particularly on the judiciary, which has been such a divisive issue."

**What world is Chucky living in? O'Connor retired, and she knew exactly what kind of judge was going to take her place --> A solid Conservative........And she also knew that Renquist would shortly retire or die as well.

All of this was known........What makes "Up"Chuck think she would want to return?

But I do like his idea of people returning during times of need......Maybe we can get Bush to stay on as President after 2008. --> I'm sure Chucky would be all for that idea.**


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