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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bill Clinton (Chinese Condom Pitchman)

“Whether it's race-based or not, if you give your tax cuts to the rich and hope everything works out all right, and poverty goes up, and it disproportionately affects black and brown people, that's a consequence of the action made."

**We've been "fighting the War on Poverty" since LBJ's administration, and we've been using Liberal methods to do so........And it's been a complete failure.

It's time to get everyone to work. To incentivise working, and disincentivise those who refuse to do so...........We can give housing and daycare taxbreaks, and we can can do many things to help people. But they must get off their asses and into the workforce.

Like it or not, the only way to create more jobs is to allow those who produce jobs to have more of their money........Like it or not, the only way to collect more taxes is to allow for full employment, which is only possible if those supplying the jobs have an incentive to do so. --> This formula works the other way, too. Just watch what happens to jobs if we over-tax the rich.

WE MUST GET THOSE IN POVERTY TO WORK!!! --> Sitting around collecting checks and being dependant on the good will of the rest of America is bad for the human soul, bad for the economy, and it's bad for America as a whole.

But, if we really want to solve poverty we must address the problems of the family........Families without two parents (a mommy and daddy) are at a terrible disadvantage economically, socially and psychologically.**


  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger LL said…


  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger Helen Wheels said…

    1. Trickle down doesn't work and never has;

    2. Bill Clinton's whitehouse years were a boon for America. The economy was the best ever and we had 3 trillian in the treasury.

    3. During both Bush administrations, we hit a recession. Watch for this new one, coming soon! Warning signs are already that people are not making enough to spend money because prices have gone up and SALARIES HAVE GONE DOWN.

    The rich are richer, the poor are poorer. Bushie managed that in just 5 years. Scandalous, if you ask me!

  • At 12:05 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said…

    Uh......Bush inherited a Tech Bubble bursting recession.

    And 9/11 did wonders for the economy.
    So you don't beleive in 'trickle down'......Ok, do you beleive in 'trickle up'???

  • At 6:40 AM, Anonymous SK said…

    Bravo! On the original post and the above response.


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