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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jimmy Carter (Black Joker)

"If we are not wise enough to protect the Arctic refuge, future generations will condemn us for needlessly sacrificing the wilderness of their world to feed our profligate, short-term and shortsighted energy habit. The pathway to a better, more sustainable energy future does not wind through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."

**Only a Liberal would worry about the "sacrifice" of a useless piece of land at the expense of the American Economy and National Defense.

He'd rather we be dependent on the 'good will' of the Middle East and Venezuela than drill on our own soil.........Maybe they'll keep supply at a decent level and maybe they won't. --> But either way, we are at their mercy.

Screw ANWAR!!! Start drilling!!! --> And when it's tapped out, start drilling wherever else we find a source.**



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