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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D - NY)

"He's the kind of person you really want to be married to for 30 years because he washes dishes."

— On her marital "bliss" with Bill

**I don't know how these Clintons spew out the incredible garbage they do, but they are masterful at the Art of Bullshitting. --> Hillary's not nearly as good as Billy, but she's getting there.

Maybe if Bill learned how to do laundry he wouldn't have to explain them stains on that famous blue dress.........Quite the guy to be married to. --> Not that I blame him for straying from this wonderful wo-man.**


  • At 12:07 PM, Anonymous SK said…

    The bigger question is, who's dishes is he doing? And what else is he doing while he's there? Yup, just the guy I'd want to share my life with for 30 years.

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