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Friday, October 14, 2005

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D - Vermont)

"Is this a nominee who will protect and expand our constitutional rights, or will she neglect and narrow those rights? Learning the answer will be at the core of what the American people and the Senate need to know from the hearings onthis nomination."

**I'm pretty sure "Leaky" was talking about Justice Roberts, but it may be Harriet Miers........Either way, his quote is interesting.

Exactly what part of the Constitution describes anything about "expand(ing) our constitutional rights"???? --> IT DOESN'T!!!

Everyone agrees with "protect(ing) our constitutional rights, but Leahy and the ILLiberals want to use the courts to remake the Constitution in their eyes. --> THROUGH THE EXPANSION OF WHATEVER RIGHTS THEY IMAGINE UP!

Which is why we must always send Constructionists to the SCOTUS.........And in order to make this happen we must always have Republican presidents --> Even if they don't always send up our "favorite choice". These choices are always better than those the Dems would send.**


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