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Monday, December 26, 2005

Sen. Harry Reid (D - Nevada, Senate Minority Leader)

"An F is too high a grade for the Bush White House and Washington Republicans."

**There's no doubt Bush and the (R)'s don't deserve an A for 2005, but there is no way they deserve an F........Lets look at what they dealt with.

1. Have we been hit with another terror attack? NO = A+.
2. Has the economy tanked? NO = B+. (Must give good marks for this being the case in a time of terrorism, a year of terrible natural disasters, and brutal gas prices.)
3. There were two epic natural disasters this year (Katrina and tsunami), how was this handled? Tsunami = A, Katrina = B-.
4. There were a handful of excellent judges put on the appeals courts = A, and 2 great SCOTUS judges = A (Would have been an A+ without the Miers debacle).
5. Illegal immigration = F (Nothing has been done)
6. Social Security reform = F (Shouldn't have even brought it up if he knew it would be a losing proposition.)
7. Misc. = C.

Overall a pretty good year. A solid B grade in my opinion.......Could have been a little better, could have been much worse.

Could have been much, much worse........As in John Kerry could have been president.**


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