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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tim Russert (Truth Teller???)

"Aren't the Democrats, though, trying to have it both ways? They voted for the war—Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards—and now, it's not going well. So they're saying, well, the president misled us. They had access to the National Intelligence Estimate, and in that National Intelligence Estimate, there were caveats from the State Department particularly, about the quality of the intelligence. But they still voted for the war."

**1. I get so sick of dumbasses like Russert saying the war isn't "going well".......It is going better than anyone could have predicted. The U.S. hasn't been hit with another terror attack, Sodom is in a prison, and the Iraqis are having elections.

2. Who forced Timmy to take the "truth serum" when it comes to the Democrats?? He has it pegged right on when it comes to their double-talk.**


  • At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lets see...If Democrats were shown faulty evidence that supported war while the president and his staff held back information that went against the war then you could say "they were misled" (like the rest of us) into voting that way.

    PS: Your blog is pretty much unreadable. Not that it deserves to be read - you pretty much you admit your ignorance in every post but... if you are going to let the world understand what an idiot you are - It would be nice if you learned how to post a diary correctly and used colors that allowed people to actually read your post. Can you read a book? I suggest maybe picking one up on using the internet, web design, html or even blogging - this is simple stuff that you seem to be missing and any of these types of books should have this basic information. Heck, you might want to try doing a search on google.


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