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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Time Magazine


Millions of Americanans who think they will retire with benefits are in for a NASTY SURPRISE. How Corporations are picking people's pockets - with the help of Congress.

-- Front page headline, 10/31/05 issue.

**There's no doubt there are many corporations with no scruples about the welfare of their employees and their "retirements."

That said, corporations could never "pick people's pockets" as well or as much as the Federal Government does........I know I won't be "SURPRISED" when it's time for me to retire and Social Security is depleted. EVEN THOUGH I'll SPENd 50 F'n YEARS POURING MONEY INTO THE DAMN SYSTEM!!!

Corporations are what they are, but I trust them much more with my money than I do the Govdernment........I'm sure this makes me a Rightwing radical though.**


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