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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Johnny Bin Heinz

"The result of the opinion polls are wise and Bush must follow it. Iraq has now become a point of attraction to all qualified people the mujahadeen who by the grace of God were able to infiltrate all the security measures that were taken by Coalition forces. And as proof to that: The bombings that you saw in many important capitals of the world."

**Damn, Johnny Bin Heinz sounds exactly like Sen. John Heinz-Kerry!!!

This quote is from Osama Bin Laden's latest tape, but it sure as hell could pass for a Sen. Heinz-Kerry speech........Which leads to a couple questions:

Why does Bin Laden sound like John Heinz-Kerry?
Why does John Heinz-Kerry sound like Bin Laden?

I hope you are catching on to this week's theme.**


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