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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sen. Harry Reid (Minority Leader, D - Nevada)

"Let's be clear about who's killing the Patriot Act—President Bush and the Republican Leadership. Twice last week, a Bi-partisan group of Senators tried to move forward on a three-month extension, but instead of joining us, the President and the Republican Leadership decided they would rather see the bill expire. It's time for the President to put politics aside and national security first. The President and the Republican leadership should join us in supporting the Patriot Act and protecting Americans."

**I don't know how he does it........I hope its not prepared BS, because that would make him a pathological liar. I'm assuming it's all off the cuff, and he just loses his mind.

Or maybe he is just a run of the mill Liberal = Pathological Liar.**


  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger tugboatcapn said…

    I heard a radio personality in my area say "If you support the Patriot Act, then you are a coward. You are saying to the government that you don't ned your freedoms, all you want is security. The question is not do you want to live, but rather what kind of life do you want to have?"

    This same radio personality said not ten minutes later "I you search my bag at the Airport, and find a bag of Weed, LEAVE IT ALONE! That's not what you were looking for."

    This leads me to believe that his main concern was not National Security or Freedom, but preserving his ability to do drugs without getting caught.

    People who do not break the law have nothing to fear from the law.

    People who do not engage in Terrorism have nothing to fear from the "Patriot Act."

    Reid was just trying to support it symbolically because he knows that the American People basically like it.

    He just needed to make it seem that Republicans were responsible for letting it expire because he knows that if democrats are blamed for that, it will cost them politically. (but if they don't oppose it, George Soros will cut off the money, and it will cost them financially.)

  • At 4:15 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said…

    Also, if they don't want us to depend on the gov't for our security they better be ready to allow us to defend ourselves.

    GUNS!!!!!! Hell, I'd buy a cannon if they'd let me........But we all know this isn't what they want.


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