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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ted "The Killa" Laden

"But I wanted to talk to you because of the lies that have been given to you by your President Bush when he commented on the results of the opinion polls in your country that showed the majority was for the pull out of U.S. forces in Iraq.....You [Bush] opposed this opinion by saying a pull out of U.S. forces would send the wrong message and that it is better to fight them in their land than they fight us in our land."

**Damn, Ted "The Killa" Laden sounds exactly like Sen. Ted Kennedy!!!

This quote is from Osama Bin Laden's latest tape, but it sure as hell could pass for a Teddy speech........Which leads to a couple questions:

Why does Bin Laden sound like the Duke of Chappaquiddick?
Why does the Duke of Chappaquiddick sound like Bin Laden?

You will see this theme the rest of the week.**


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