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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bob Herbert (NY Times POS)

"[T]he plain truth is that [President Bush] is the worst president in memory, and one of the worst of all time."

**The statement above is expected from a Liberal, and has no sense at all......"The plain truth is" President Bush is the best president since FDR!

History will be extremely kind to Bush for his efforts in the GWOT and the SCOTUS and appellate judges he has placed in the nation's highest courts........The fact he kept the U.S. from a full-scale depression after 9/11/01 is a miracle and an enormous accomplishment.

I know many Conservatives will say Reagan was superior to Bush, and I have no problem putting them on par........That said, those who put Reagan above Bush need to remember the shortcomings Reagan had, which were similar to those of Bush (spending, immigration and a second-term scandal in particular).

As an FYI: "The worst president in memory" was Jimmy Carter........One of the five worst of all time.**


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