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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bob Schieffer (C'BS' News Anchor, Dan Rather Wannabe)

"President Bush contends the Constitution gives him the authority to eavesdrop without a court order on U.S. citizens suspected of having ties to the terrorists, and he says his predecessors have used that same authority. Well, asked about that today, former President Bill Clinton told CBS Radio that as far as he knows, all wiretapping done by his administration was done with the authority of court orders."

**Clinton is full of shit, and both he and Bob know it........But, even if Clinton never wiretapped it wouldn't take away Bush's responsibility to do so where necessary.

If Clinton didn't 'tap', he should have........He shouldn't have hamstrung the intelligence community and crushed the Able Danger project.

I'll defer to one of the most brilliant of the Founding Fathers:

"The circumstances that endanger the safety of nations are infinite, and for this reason no constitutional shackles can wisely be imposed on the power to which the care of it is committed." —Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 23


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