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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Paul Begala (Democrat Strategist)

"Senator Kennedy gets a six-year contract renewed every six years by the people of Massachusetts. They have passed on his integrity for 42 years, and it is beyond question."

**1. It's a disgrace for any individual to be a lifelong senator......42 years is pathetic. And this goes for either party. New blood and ideas are absolutely necessary in this republic, and having the same jackasses (either party again) control the government for half a decade is ridiculous.

2. I doubt Begala said the same about Strom Thurmond when he was in the Senate for 47 years.....I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case.

3. Anyone who says Ted Kennedy's integrity "is beyond question" is either a liar or a degenerate.......Paully is both.**


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