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Friday, March 31, 2006

Howard Fineman (Newsweek Propagandameister)

"I'm tired of being accused of bias and being Liberal. I have been covering all sides of every argument in politics for a quarter century, and I think I am as fair and neutral as it is humanly possible to be—which is not perfect. How about some unbiased readers for a change?"

**1. Poor Howie......Boohoohoo!!

2. Why is Fineman running from the Liberal tag? He'd be better off coming out of the closet, and admitting to being an unabashed Liberal.

3. "How about some unbiased readers"? His job to report the truth.......If it supports his bias or someone elses, it shouldn't matter. The problem is he reports his version of the truth. A version many are biased against, because many know his version is anything but the truth.**


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