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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The paralyzing drug, according to the lawsuit, "makes it impossible for witnesses to determine whether death row inmates in California are being subjected to substantial and unnecessary pain before dying."

-- Statement from the Useless regarding the use of lethal injection in California to execute condemned criminals

**This lawsuit is nothing less than an attempt to ban executions........They know if they can get a ruling that a person who is paralyzed from feeling pain is causing "unnessessary pain" then they can get every other form of execution banned as well.

I don't understand how Liberals can fight so hard to save the lives of those who've murdered innocent human beings........Yet on the other hand, fight so hard for abortions.

I'd understand much better if they fought for both, but will never get it how they protect the guilty and crush the innocent..........Hell, many do more to protect rodents and bugs than to protect the human fetus.**


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