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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gene Shait (Movie Critic, Cartoon Propaganameister)

"Think global warming isn't real? Ask Manny the Mammoth, Diego the Tiger or Sid the Sloth [of 'Ice Age: The Meltdown']... The herd's 88 happy minutes will melt away your out-of-theater cares while attesting that global warming is no snow job."

**I'm willing to assume Global Warming is real (for '88 minutes'), but if it is then how can it be anything other than a natural occurance on the planet?

If it happened back in "Manny," "Diego" and "Sid's" day, was it man's fault? Did the demonic G.W. Bush go back in time and create Global Warming back then? Or was it Global Cooling which caused the Ice Age? Or does it really not matter, because either way the Enviro-Whack-Jobs will claim it is 'blah blah blah," and it is man's fault?**

Hey Gene, quit being so full of 'Shait', and just report on the movies.**


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