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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Molly Ivins (Propagandameistress Maximus)

"We are inarguably facing more terrorists now than there were when we started, so the Pentagon has decided to fight what it is now calling 'the Long War.' Has anyone asked you about this? Me, neither. Nor has anyone asked Congress. The administration—mostly Donald Rumsfeld—just decided we would have a long war and declared it, and is now committing us to fight against a fuzzy ideology no one seems to be able to define."

**Last I checked, Congress gave President Bush authority to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq........This included the Republicans and most Democrats in both houses of Congress.

Also, of course we were "asked" about our take on the war..........The exact date was November 2, 2004.

On this day, 52% of the American electorate voted for the war.......They voted for Bush, and increased the House and Senate. And make no mistake, this election was decided by the participants views on national security.**


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