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Monday, May 22, 2006

Rep. John Conyers (D - Michigan, Race Baiter Extraordinaire)

"My bill does four things: It acknowledges the fundamental injustice and inhumanity of slavery; It establishes a commission to study slavery, its subsequent racial and economic discrimination against freed slaves; It studies the impact of those forces on today's living African Americans; The commission would then make recommendations to Congress on appropriate remedies to redress the harm inflicted on living African Americans."

**In other words, Conyers is looking for a payday for Blacks......He calls it "reparations," but in truth he's looking for nothing less than to "rape-the-nation." (MS)

That said, if a payoff would put an end to the bitching and whining by the professional race-baiters, and also end affirmative racism, I'd gladly give each American Black a million dollars.........But we all know this isn't what Conyers and the rest of the race-shucksters want. They just want something to cry about, and also a way to increase THEIR OWN PERSONAL WEALTH AND POWER!!**


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