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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Carmen Hotvedt (Violence Prevention Specialist at UW-Madison's University Health Services)

"In our educational efforts with students, we define consent as freely given. The (new) law really enforces the educational messages we've been sending for a long time."

- Regarding a new date-rape law in Wisconsin, which puts alcohol on par with date-rape drugs as an aggravating factor in certain sexual assaults.

**Rape is brutal, and true rapists should be a executed for their crimes........As should all sexual predators.

That said, how can a woman who willfully gets drunk then has sex be equated with a woman who is slipped a date-rap drug and then has sex? Do women have no responsibility to not get drunk, which puts them at an unnecessary risk of making poor CHOICES???

This is stupid, and does nothing but claim women are too stupid to care for themselves, or that they are infallable in any choices they make; good, bad or otherwise.......Both of which are ignorant and ridiculous ideas.**


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