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Saturday, June 10, 2006

L.A. Times (Pravda West)

"The best thing Hillary Rodham Clinton could do for humanity is not run for president. Nothing against her personally, mind you; it's just that her aspirations could get in the way of her husband's worthier ones. In our continuing quest to find an appropriate job for our favorite ex-president...we now offer an even better suggestion. This time, it's a post he has coveted. Not long after leaving office in 2001, Clinton reportedly told an aide that his dream job would be secretary-general of the United Nations. That's our dream too... The world needs Bill more than the U.S. needs Hillary."

**The leader of the U.N. is more important than the President of the U.S.? The world needs more Bill?

No wonder this sham-of-a-paper's subscription circulation is circling the drain......Take out the crossword puzzle and no one would buy it.**


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