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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Martha Raddatz (ABC News White House Propagandress)

"This trip was not only surrounded in secrecy, there
was a bit of deception as well."
- Complaining that the press wasn't informed in advance about the President's recent visit to Iraq.

**I can't believe I'm going to do it, but the best reply to Martha's complaint comes from a Justin Timberlake song: "CRY ME A RIVER!!!!!"

Booohooohooo........I'm sure the pukes in the media feel Bush owes it to them to put his travel plans on the internet and front page of the NY Times.

At the current rate of media leaks, there's little doubt they would spill the beans about the trip and the logistics of it.........Too bad if our enemies figure out exactly where the president is going. Too bad if they shoot his plane out of the sky.

Hell, if anything it would give the media an even bigger story to report on.......WHICH IS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT!!**

And we all know the media would leak his plans**


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