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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rev. Lennox Yearwood (National Coordinator for the Gulf Coast Renewal Campaign)

"I don't need a Democrat Congress, I don't need a Republican Congress. I need a human Congress. I don't need a FEMA. I need a PEMA, a People's Emergency Management Agency... While [those in New Orleans] thought the hurricanes and the winds would pass, they had no idea that the money that would have been going overseas to an unjust war would not be used to fix their levies and they would find themselves drowning in the waters."

**Maybe the people of New Orleans would have been better off had the reverend cared as much about the pre-Katrina cesspool (New Orleans), instead of helping to create a city of complete dependency.

Oh and lets not forget, over $8 billion have already been pumped into the New Orleans cleanup, and the nipple to the federal government is far from being covered.......So, the money will keep flowing, but it will never be enough to placate those with a perpetual ax-to-grind.**


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