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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Steven Erlanger (NY Times Ignoramus)

"The asymmetry in the reported death tolls is marked and growing: some 230 Lebanese dead, most of them civilians, to 25 Israeli dead, 13 of them civilians. In Gaza, one Israel soldier has died from his own army's fire, and 103 Palestinians have been killed, 70 percent of them militants. The cold figures, combined with Israeli air attacks on civilian infrastructure...have led to accusations by France and the European Union...that Israel is guilty of 'disproportionate use of force'..."

**I'll never understand Liberal combat calculus.......Should the Israelis (or U.S. troops for that matter) pick up the bullets and count the bodies, then return fire at a 1:1 ratio. Or are they allowed a little bigger ratio; maybe at 3:2.

War is hell!!!! When a nation goes to war it must do so with the intention of winning. Of course avoiding civilian casualties is preferable, but what is a combatant to do when the enemy hides behind civilians?

But Liberals have no clue when it comes to war and National Defense.......Sadly, too many Republicans have fallen into their insanity, though, which is why our troops in Iraq are often sitting ducks rather than on a constant aggressive footing.**


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