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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thomas Friedman (NY Times Propagandist)

"What this administration has done, is actually stolen something from people. Whether it's an African or a European or an Arab or Israeli, it's that idea of an optimistic America out there. People really need that idea, and the, the sort of dark nature of the Cheneys and the Bushes and the Rices, this...sort of relentless pessimism about the world, this exporting of fear, not hope, has really left people feeling that the idea of America has been stolen from them."

**It's Bush, Cheney and Condi's fault the world and America sucks? Give me a break.

Also, if the world is so pessimistic about the U.S. then why does the world's populace insist on coming here? They can stop at any time.**


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