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Monday, October 16, 2006

James Rudin (Author: "The Baptizing of America")

If the Christian base of the GOP gets its way "all government employees - federal, state and local - would be required to participate in weekly Bible classes in the workplace, as well as compulsary daily prayer sessions" ...... "the mainstream press and the electronic media would be beaten into submission" ...... "known homosexuals and lesbians would have to successfully undergo government-sponsored reeducation sessions if they applied for any public-sector jobs."

**I've always wondered if Liberals really believe this garbage.......Unfortunately, I'm starting to think they do.

Fortunately, many "old" Democrats (FDR and JFK Democrats) are waking up to the fact "their party" is much more in line with these kind of lunatic Liberals then they are with the liberalism (small "l" by intent) of "old" Dems.


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