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Friday, October 06, 2006

Jon Meacham (Newsweek's Incoming Top Editor)

“Al Gore was elected by the American people, but not allowed to serve... It’s been 20-years since we’ve had a president who has clearly been a majority choice.”

**Can't deal with reality can they? U.S. Presidents are chosen by Electoral Votes, not popular votes..........And they are elected in this manner because the founders of the Constitution realized the tyranny the larger states would weild over the smaller states if a total vote system was put in place.

Which is why we are a federated republic, not a true democracy. This has always been the case, and should always remain as such.......If civics were properly taught in America more people would understand this fact, but I don't blame people if they don't because civics education has been purposely distorted for decades.

Oh, and lets not let this POS get away with a convenient lie, because President Bush won the 2004 with a clear majority of the popular vote as well as the Electoral vote.**


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