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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ted Turner (3 of Clubs, Former Hanoi Jane Pimp) - Pt. 2 of 3

“The next most dangerous thing [after nuclear proliferation] is probably... global warming, and then, right behind that are over population - we need to get serious about family planning - and trying to alleviate poverty, to get clean, renewable energy, probably with solar panels to the billion and a half people in the world who don’t have access to electricity.”

**Global Warming is more dangerous than Islamo-Fascism? Interesting. And I'm sure this is the concensus of most Liberals........Which is why they can't be allowed to control our National Defense.

That said, I like the idea of getting solar panels to the 1,500,000,000 people Ted's proposing to help. I'd be very interested in seeing Ted make this miracle happen......And then I'd be interested in watching what these people do with them. For some reason I'm quite certain they won't put them to good use.**


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