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Monday, November 13, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell (Hollywood Idiot)

“It was him, and I was like, and then I was like, he’s like, ‘I understand that you, you’re upset.’ And I said to him,‘ You know, to tell you the truth, sir, you broke my heart.’ I said,‘ You know, I loved you like my mom loved Kennedy and, you know, I had faith in you, one of the few men I had real faith and hope in.’... [Y]ou know what he said to me? He said, ‘I’m sorry.’ He said, ‘I’m sorry for any man who ever hurt you and all those things you have said to me, I have said to myself, and you’re right and I’m sorry.’ And then I started to cry and couldn’t talk. Then I was like, ‘Ok, I gotta go, bye!”’

- Commenting on a conversation with Bill Clinton

**What the hell was Rosie trying to say with this comment? She's all over the place, and I don't see a single thoughtful sentence in her entire statement...Also, what exactly did Bubba say to placate her? Did he wisper sweet-nothings in her ear? Did he offer her Hillary's 'services' for a night? Did he tell her how pretty she was? Or did he say she bore a slight resemblence to Monica, and offered her his ding-dong(s)?

I'm betting he hit her fancy with the CHOCOLATE DING DONGS.**


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